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Manufactured Home Tie-Downs & Anchoring

Hurricane Preparation and Maintenance of Manufactured and Modular Homes.

There is a long history of homes that are above ground level having a considerable amount of problems.

Leveling the home is extremely important. Once the home is level anchors are installed into the substrate using metal straps to tie down the home to create a fixed structure against strong winds. Elements such as rain, evaporation, humidity, and internal leaks all create major issues over time. The anchors begin to rust and the straps snap leaving the home unstable.

Years ago polybutylene pipes were removed from manufactured and modular homes because they leaked and a class-action lawsuit was put into effect. That class-action suit has expired but during the time it was an issue many homeowners hired companies who cut the underbelly of the home leaving insulation and the subfloor exposed. This created warped floors, rotted wood, mold, cracked tiles, and a perfect environment for pests.

Hurricane RetroFit understands and has created the list based on the current city codes to keep your home protected.

Anchors and straps need to be in good condition and spaced properly.

6 ply plastic (poly) needs to be put down on the ground and staked to keep evaporation from beating on the bottom of the home.

All ventilation needs to be lifted off the ground to prevent moisture build-up and mildew inside the lines for your HVAC system. Insulation that is exposed needs to be closed up and or replaced depending on the condition.

There are multiple factors to keep your home protected.

Inspections are cheap and suggested. The work that needs to be done is mandatory to keep your home in its best condition for years to come.

Insurance companies are becoming very picky on all homes but these homes particularly they will not insure because they are considered high risk.

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