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Roof to Wall Connection

Improper roof to wall connections is one of the leading culprits of hurricane wind damage.

Roof to wall connection secures the roof member to the top plate and the top plate to the wall studs.

Here are the most common methods of improving roof to wall connection for hurricane mitigation and wind mitigation.

  • Using “Toe Nails” – defined as three nails that are driven at an angle through the rafter and into the top of the roof.
  • Using Clips – defined as pieces of metal that are nailed into the side of the rafter/truss and into the side of the top plate or wall stud.
  • Using Single Wraps – a single strap that is attached to the side and/or bottom of the top plate and is nailed to the rafter/truss.
  • Using Double Wraps – straps are attached to the side and/or bottom of the top plate and are nailed to the rafter/truss.

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